The Three Core Bags Every Man Should Own

I'm sure you've wondered, as the rest of us guys have, why women need so many different bags for different occasions. While we don't mean to generalize and we're certainly not questioning any woman's choice of style, we don't really need an arsenal of bags. At least, many of us don't feel the need to own plenty.

We keep it simple, after all. Three core bags, which we feel are essential practicality-wise, are all we need in the wardrobe (minus the luggage).

Your bag says as much about your character as the rest of your outfit, so we compiled a list of what those three are to us and what we suggest you get:


This one's the most commonplace one. You're more than likely going to have to carry a backpack sooner or later, whether for commute or for laptops, books, shoes, gym clothes - anything at all, really.

We recommend: the Theo Backpack.

Duffel Bag or Weekender

A duffel bag and a weekender are different, although they're here on this for one purpose: for the weekends. We need a bag for our trips after all, when a backpack isn't enough to carry the things we need packed.

We suggest: the Bowie Duffel Bag.

Briefcase or Messenger Bag

Every man needs his briefcase. While the world is going digital, there are still printed files and documents that aren't in an USB or in the cloud. 

We suggest: the Orson Commuter Briefcase.


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