Top 5 Travel Destinations On Every City Adventurer's List

We've all seen pictures showing the wide cityscapes of New York, but it's vastly different on the ground - when you're actually there. The tallness of the Empire State Building, the taste of actual New York style pizza, the secret bars and cafes only you can find when you do the exploring. These are only available to those who go there to explore.

We here at Jaunter Co. made our own shortlist of places you definitely want to visit asap, based on cumulative trips we've had in the past. Here are five travel destinations that must be part of your next city adventure:



Before coming to Tokyo, I decided the first thing I'll fall in love with is the food. Real Japanese food, I thought. But, it was everything.

Come the right time during the year and you'll have walks with the perfect weather, down the world's most diverse entertainment hubs with incredibly great service anywhere you go. People bow to welcome you, which was peculiar to me, but it's this type of small act that makes this place so endearing to me.

Also again, don't forget about the food. Even if you don't eat in a Michelin Star restaurant, even in any diminutive, under-the radar places, their food here is mouth-watering good. 


This must not come as a surprise to anyone. Paris is on everyone's list 'cause the city has character. It's the vibe of the place. The architecture itself is an experience to see.

It's all about design. The way their food is prepared and the way wine is tasted, here it is an art. Haute or otherwise. There is something romantic and charming in the Parisian streets. It doesn't feel clinical the way other cities sometimes normally do.

We recommend going here if you just want to visit a really gorgeous place.


Seoul has a lot of things going for it. If you want to dive deep into culture and history, they have temples, palaces (in the city) and an interesting perspective on their North Korean neighbors. If you want tech, they have bargain markets and a place called Digital Media City.

The city feels a bit like traditional meets modern, in a vibrant, quirky sense. The city is filled with big neon-lit markets, with various cosmopolitan communities. It's very K-Pop. A good mix of what has been, what is, and what is to come, to put it generally.


Florence, along with Milan, is where the entire fashion industry is setting their sights on. Walk along their markets to find every sense of style, ready for your wear.

There aren't many towering buildings here. The feeling here is a little more quaint, walking along streets made with cobblestone, fountains and statues almost everywhere you look. It's quaint in the sense that you can buy a bottle of wine and sit on their bridges, to take in the view.

We recommend going here if you're into day trips or wine. Or both. 

New York

We did mention it in the first paragraph. They call this place the City That Never Sleeps. New York has the best of everything, from luxury hotels to rooftop bars, even vintage shopping and musicals, if you're into that sort of thing.

The city lives up to its hype, being the economic capital of the world and where the iconic Wall Street lies. It's not one of the travel destinations, it's the travel destination.

We recommend going here to explore if you want to do it with a breathtaking skyline or if you're the type to out-drink everyone as the bars here are open until 4am.


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