1. What kind of fuel can I use to refill this item?

Only lighter fluid can be used for this item. Unscrew the metal wick stick and fill the lighter with the fluid until ¾ filled. Be sure not to have it leak out. Overfilling the lighter will cause it to leak which can alter the performance of the lighter.

Allow the metal wick stick to soak in the lighter fluid for approximately 15-20 seconds followed by striking the side of the lighter at least three times until the desired flame is produced.

2. Where is this made?

Our team based out of Canada designs all of our products. All of our goods are exclusively manufactured for Jaunter by our international partners. To avoid counterfeit products, we strongly advise you only purchase from Jaunter.

3. How long can one refill last on this item?

It actually depends on how you use it. We have tried 500 strikes before we had to refill ours!

4. My item isn’t working - what’s wrong?

 All lighters are shipped with empty fuel tanks due to shipping regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation.

This depends on the quality of the lighter fuel used and the condition you keep your product. Measures such as filling the lighter a maximum of ¾ full, keeping it in a dry and shaded area, and most importantly, the quality of lighter fuel used can drastically affect how many strikes you can get with one refill. With above-mentioned suggestions, you can expect one refill to last you approximately 350-500 strikes.

ALL LIGHTERS DOES NOT COME WITH FLUID/BUTANE. Make sure to follow these steps:

- Always fill it to a maximum of ¾ . Do not overfill.

- Due to shipping regulations, we do not ship this item with lighter fluid. Please ensure to fill it first with lighter fluid.

- Do not over-tighten the cap as it may damage the thread and seal.

- Strike the rod against the magnesium side of the lighter hard and quick.

- Soaked wick should air dry for a few hours for easier lighting.

- Always ensure enough lighter fluid in the bullet barrel and wipe the spillage.

- Once the flame becomes weaker, you need to add a little more lighter fluid to the barrel.

- Warm it to body temperature before striking in cold weather for quicker lighting.


5. What are the safety precautions?

We are NOT responsible for mishandling the product. You must be a responsible adult handling this and it is NOT recommended to be handled by or near to any children under ANY circumstances. This is NOT a toy. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any misuse and failure to comply can lead to injuries if not handled properly.

6. I have done all the steps and it's not working!

If you think that your Flint Fire Starter is not functioning normally, stop using it and contact us at support@jaunter.co